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Help scaping my 20L

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So I have a 13G and just picked up a 20L I plan on transferring everything to the 20L and want ideas on placement or what else to add. My plan is to do excel/flourish, get a finnex fugeray planted+.

I have an idea of where I wanna place my plants and hard scape but would love ideas.
Here's what I have
cryptocoryne lutea
Brazilian sword
Hygrophilia compact
Anachrias (it's floating but wanna plant it)
Flame moss (covering driftwood)
Hygro sunset
Java fern

I'll also be getting, 2 Kompact, small Sword, 3 Limnophila, and a bunch H. Japan

So again plant placement, hard scape placement and if I should add anything else.. Thanks

Here's a pic of what the driftwood looks like behind the flame moss

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I'm thinking the wisteria in the left corner, sunset I front of it/side-end, Lutea behind the lava rock, which would be more centered...kompact center. Swords right corner along the back drift wood more angled and centered. Japan in front of it I don't know how that sounds
I would try and separate the plants into the back corners. tallest stems in the back, shorter in the front.
Id put the wysteria in one far corner, and the sword in the other. Clump all the anacharis somewhat together, in the back behind one of the hard scape pieces.
Thanks, lol that's what I thought too."wisteria in the left corner....swords right corner" lol thanks
You have a nice looking tank as it stands. I don't mean you can't improve it as I'm sure you can but take your time and learn what feels right to you. Move a plant here and one there and then think about it for a few weeks, and so on. Let your plants start to fill in as that will give you ideas on what works best.
Thank you, I pretty much have an idea of how I want it, just wanted some ideas. I think I'll put all my tall plants on the sides and edges them small plants in front...almost like a carpet
Second what they have said... groupings with open areas. Taller in back. Make a focal point.. play around a bit. Not a bad start. :D
Again thanks, I guess I'm having a harder time w the focal point
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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