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Help Reinforcing 10 Gallon Tank Stand?

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I just got a new table to hold my fish tank. It wasn't made for a fish tank so I'm paranoid that it is going to fail. I've had it on there for about a week and I'm convinced the left side is bowing out. For peace of mind, I'd like to reinforce it. My idea was to put a single 2x2 at the back under each shelf (so a total of 4 2x2's). I'd secure them with screws on either side.

Do you think this would sure up the stand? Do you have any better suggestions I could try?

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Just reinforce each shelf and each level with reinforced L brackets the type found at building supply shops,

My 10g is in a simple box, look at what the jewel Rio cabinets are made of mdf, or even chipboard with a melamine cover,

Cabinets built by most members of these forums are often over built by there ego,

As long as the edges and corners have a support running to the floor, it will hold,my do it for a living, some of the stuff IV seen on some of the stupidest looking stands would shock you, but Gravity is our friend

You have two options, running 1x1 ad own the middle of all shelfs and side woods, so making a box in each level, would reinforce it, and a new fibber board back

Job done
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