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I have failed my tank and try to fix it!:crying:

Just a background story about the tank. My tank is 4years old. I had for a long time floating plants in my tank. And a while ago i took them out and i have a algae breakout.
Didn't do very much about this, and i thought it will be fine. And i got a bit busy so i f*cked it up.

I have Black Beard Algae and Staghorn Algae. And white fluffy fungus spore like balls.
It has infected my Red Cherry Shrimps. I didn't see...

Now i did take evrything out and used waterperoxide on the algae and cleaned like hell and did big water changes.

Looks not like the pictures on the internet and i'm conffused:confused:
It doesn't look like the spikes from Vorticella is it fungus that i can treat with JBL's Fungol????

Thanks for reading!

I made a link for pictures here


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