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I have failed my tank and try to fix it!:crying:

Just a background story about the tank. My tank is 4years old. I had for a long time floating plants in my tank. And a while ago i took them out and i have a algae breakout.
Didn't do very much about this, and i thought it will be fine. And i got a bit busy so i f*cked it up.

I have Black Beard Algae and Staghorn Algae. And white fluffy fungus spore like balls.
It has infected my Red Cherry Shrimps. I didn't see...

Now i did take evrything out and used waterperoxide on the algae and cleaned like hell and did big water changes.

Looks not like the pictures on the internet and i'm conffused:confused:
It doesn't look like the spikes from Vorticella is it fungus that i can treat with JBL's Fungol????

Thanks for reading!

I made a link for pictures here


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This is a little late, but try an aquarium salt dip as if you were trying to treat for parasitic worms. I've had this before, but my "pest" snails cleared it up. However, it may not be a viable option for you. I've seen it spread onto my snails, but after a generation, it completely disappeared.
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