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Guys I appreciate your help.
I've had my 12g edge running since the beginning of December 2013
After I cycled the tank, I made the mistake of adding a total of 12 fish(6 CPD's and 6 gold ring danios)
Stress and the incompatibility of the 2(especially at feeding time) , slowly killed them one by one..I'm ready to stock my tank once again and I'm really interested in the chilli LFS just got a shipment and is selling these tiny bright red rasboras for 3$/piece
How many should I get?the guy at the LFS told me to get 20 but I'm not so sure...
I also want some red cherry shrimp..are they gonna be compatible?
How many of each do you guys recommend?
Thanks !!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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