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Help: Pond/Riparium lighting options

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I'm designing a riparium for my sister's home. They have a ~100 gallon rectangular pond built into the floor of their home, the dimensions on the surface are approximately 3'x4'. My plan is to turn it into a riparium. The existing lighting over the pond is a single recessed light in the ceiling. I'm considering options on using this as a power source for a pendant LED light. With this in mind, I would like a LED light that has a long throw to keep it as close to the ceiling as possible and can adequately grow riparium plants. Ideally this light would have an external controller to program the timing/hours that it's on. I am considering the Kessil 360we Tuna Sun. Is this a good option? If so, how high would I be able to hang it above the pond?

I am also looking for internal filters for the tank, if anyone has any recommendations.


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You need to consider more of an industrial style high bay LED flood light..
There are no "normal" LED aquarium lights that give you decent light at more than a foot or 2 off the top of your "canopy".

Oddly enough I used this as an example in another thread:
It is dimmable. not sure of what type of dimmer though.
60 degree reflector will cover about a 6ft circle at 5ft up..

5700k so good clean white, 17000 lumens so good intensity and >80CRI so fairly good color rendition..
Thank you for the reply Jeff. That light sounds very interesting. Here are some photos of the pond. The dimensions on the pond are 65x34" and 12" deep.

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