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Help! Plants dying!!!

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Recently set up a 55 gallon, planted, community tank. I was given a few java ferns, some java moss, and bought two amazon swords and something I forget the name of. I let it cycle for days with just live gravel and sand before adding plants and two weeks before adding fish. I currently have 10 Guppies, 3 Sunburst Platies, 2 Dalmatian Mollies, and some sort of serpentine Loach that came with the plants I was given. My swords are starting to turn yellow and some leaves have see-through patches starting. I am using the bulb that came with the tank. I know I've read about Watts per Gallon but does it matter what kind of florescent bulb I get?
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You have a lot of reading to do, you most likely don't have enough light or nutrients in the substrate for the swords, plus if your new to the whole planted tank thing you might not know the Java ferns don't get planted. If you want help you need to give up all the specs on your tank and the folks ghere will gladly help you get growing.

Welcome to the forum and good luck!!
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