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I have built Ripariums without planning and kicked myself for it after, this is my first high tech aquarium. I have been slowly and patiently gathering the supplies for this build, it is a National Geographic 15.8G tank and I have a SunSun canister filter with an aftermarket (larger) pump, then it goes into a CO2 reactor, then a UV sterilizer, then back to the tank. I am using a 2.5LB CO2 bottle with the reactor, and I am still waiting on my regulator and in-line heater.

I am staying away from the jungle style build as I tend to lean toward with my Ripariums, for this tank I want a clean layout with carpeting plants, no floating plants, I think I may avoid background plants or at least avoid covering the entire back of the tank...I may backlight it with a white softbox/light diffuser. Possibly background corner plants will be okay to hide the rear wall seam lines. I am open to plant suggestions, remember I am running CO2 with as much light as it takes (but not too much). I want to use this piece of driftwood which will probably be the biggest obstruction in the tank and most difficult aspect of cleaning but I can hang some moss off it possibly...something tells me I will regret using the driftwood. I want to build the substrate up in mounds so its not just a flat bottom and somehow do that with the driftwood?

The driftwood was made from a Blueberry bush and is seeping nutrients constantly, making white slime and black beard algae grow on it even without lighting. This is why I want to add my cleanup crew now, I need suggestions! Obviously I will add a few shrimp, probably skip on snails, but I want something to clean the glass...what about a small Pleco? I will want an algae eating fish as well besides a glass cleaner, maybe a Siamese algae eater?

Aside from my cleanup crew, the tank is not very big I do not want centerpiece fish in here only small schooling fish to give the feel of a larger aquascape. Even if I only have room for one variety of schooling fish, Tetras are nice...

Anyway thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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