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Help picking the right plant setup

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Hello tankers

I just aquired my new 160l. aquarium, so now i need it stocked. First step seems to be plants and scape.
I have already bought Oliver Knott soil, and had an idea of getting a HC carpet.
Still didnt decide whether or not to go with CO2, pretty much depends how awesome a layout i can get without it.
So what kind of plants could be good without CO2 and which would be good with CO2.
Im also thinking about doing DSM if i were to make a HC carpet, which plants benefit from DSM like HC does? And will DSM be a good idea only if i use CO2 after i flood, or will it survive without CO2 after the flood?

Hope you can help me with some awesome tips and plant ideas

- Nielsen
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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