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Help picking out new tank...

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I'm starting to have multitankitis lol I already have one tank, a 40 breeder, but I'm also gonna be setting up another 36 inch tank. Either a 38 gallon (36x12x20), or a 45 gallon (36x12x24). But I'm stuck on which one to go with!

What to choose? There's pros and cons of each one. I'm thinking one of the biggest con of the 45 however is the 24 inch height, which could make aquascaping/maintenance a lot more difficult. however, the height of the entire setup altogether is only 5 inches taller than my 40 breeder tank and stand setup. not that much

both setups are around the same price. at petsmart, actually, the aqueon 45 gallon setup is on sale currently for 200 bucks. the 38 gallon aqueon setup at petco is 229 for everything.
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Unless you really want a couple of Angels or a reparium, that 24" height might not be worth it with that footprint. The 12" depth is not that much to play with to begin with. If you only have 2 choices, the 38 seems to be more mainstream, imho. 12g long is hard to beat for a 36" long playground and is < $80 shipped.

Yeah i've heard a lot of people say that. I have however it seems seen more people that have 45 gallon tanks than 38 gallon tanks. I've never really seen anyone on here hardly with a 38 gallon.

yeah those are pretty much my 2 choices. a pro about the 45 though is the setup just seems to be a lot nicer than the 38
So you prefer the set-up of the 45g and the price is lower? Sounds like you might have answered your own question. But which one will really work best for you depends on your planting and stocking plans. What does the future hold for this tank ... or, um, what will this tank hold in the future? ;)
Thats the sillyness of it.... I probably won't be needing all that height because I'm going to be using it as a Cherry Shrimp tank :)
At least 75% of the goes/w equipment that is included in any "kit" "set" or combo package "deal" is replaced later due to being sub standard for the purpose.
Laural gave you several links to cheap tanks. Or you can wait for another $ per gallon sale at Petco.
Or if you want space, as in floor space in the tank but still want it easy to reach into
and grow plants in because it's fairly low so no high light is needed, this might interest you. One 4' bulb is often cheaper than a 36" one because they just sell more of them.
That is changing but the prices haven't reflected it yet because household fixtures
are still mostly either 24" or 48" making those the most often sold sizes.
One T8 bulb which cost $10 at Foster & Smith's on-line will light that tank for plants.
A Zoo Med Ultra sun 6700K in T8.
Unless you put 6" of sub in that 45 your talking about you won't be able to reach the bottom to scape or plant.
Loew's also sells a GE Daylight 6700K bulb in 48" for $7.
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Cherry shrimp?? Dude, that is going to be paradise for the critters no matter which size you choose. A thought: I don't know if you're breeding shrimp to sell, but I wouldn't want to be chasing tiny little cherries around with a net in a 24-in tall tank. The 20-in-tall 38 is more than tall enough for them.

As Raymond pointed out, half of any ready-made set-up is liable to be upgraded in the future, so you might want to price getting just a tank/stand combo and buying the rest separately.
By the setup, I just mean the tank and the stand. Not the whole kit or anything like that. I never buy all that stuff in setup because I always buy mine separate or use existing equipment. The lighting I already have as well, an Aquaticlife T5HO 36 inch fixture.

Nah I'm not really looking to sell them, I'm just looking to have a show tank more or less in my living room.
Could go with the Mr. Aqua 48g. I just got mine delivered and am scaping it this weekend. It has the 36" foot print but is 17.7 high and 17.7 wide. Gorgeous tank!
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