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I'm setting up a 10g tank for a community of tropical fish, I'm gonna start with some neon tetras and go from there, but I want to have live plants. This is my first aquarium, so I need some advice.

I got some Windelov Java Fern and Anubias Nana which I plan to tie to a driftwood (when I find it.) Will both types of plants work well on the same driftwood? or should I get a rock for the one of them?

What do I need to do to the driftwood to make it ready for fish?

What other plants will go well for in the background and as a short front plant or carpeting plant? Would a moss ball work?

I bought plain gravel, but I'm thinking of switching it out for the nutrient enriched gravel with some sand on top. How does that work? Is that easy to maintain?

Also I know I need to get upgraded lights. I bought the substrate tabs, but I'll return them if I switch out my gravel. What other plant support equipment/food/chemicals do I need to get to add to the tank when I plant them?

This forum has been very helpful for me. If there's a good list of plants and where to plant them that I missed, please direct me there. Thanks for any help or advice.

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