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hi, my tank details as below

tank 60*35*40, 84L/22G
light chihiros wrgb2, 10cm from water surface, photoperiod of 8 hours
substrate fluval stratum soil, slope from front 3cm, all the way to 10cm to the back
co2 2-3bps per second, 2 hours before light on, 1 hours before light off (co2 indicator consistently green lime color, which i believe is a adequate co2 level in water level)
plants, mainly consist of rotalas, foreground monte carlo
GH 2
KH 9

Fertilizer : APT complete from 2Hrsaquarist,
Current dosing calculation based on my whole tank volume (84L), 3ml per 100ml daily as per suggest
ACTUAL Dose Given : 2ml daily (0.6 Nitrogen, 0.28 phosphate, 1.6 Potassium), which lead to a total of weekly 4.2 nitrogen, 1.960 phosphate, 11.2 potassium)
WC every 2 days 30% of my tank water level, due to algae bloom (mainly GSA+GDA) (should or shouldnt i wc that frequent, will my nutrients got drained out when wc?)

so the actual question, it has been 39 days since i started my current tank
i keep on getting GSA and GDA. am i overdosing my ferts?
or how should i calculate my fert, based on the water volume of the tank, or the actual volume of the tank which exclude the soil substrate?
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