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Help! No clue where to begin...

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Hello! I want to set up a betta sorority in a 50 gallon tank I recently got. I know that in order to make it look the way I've been dreaming, I need a CO2 system and better lights than I am used to with my current betta tanks (Currently, I have 2 tanks with Anubis and dwarf hairgrass). I am looking at a system from CO2 Art, but would love a mentor to help me find good plants and equipment! Thank you
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Not to discourage you from going the high tech route, but you can have a pretty impressive tank using low tech methods, including keeping colorful species and even carpets. It just changes what species of plants will work best for your setup.

For finding plants, you can start with the listings in the "for sale" section here, which has plants grown by members, either as a business or as surplus from their own tanks. Bonus: you can support a fellow hobbyist.

There are also a number of large and reputable plant retailers online, including Aquarium Plants Factory, Tropica, Liquid Creations, Dustin's Tanks, Buce Plants and many, many others. Those were just the ones that immediately came to mind, in no particular order. The benefit to large retailers is that they usually have some sort of guarantee on the plants they sell, and you can usually get large quantities for big scapes.

Finally, there are also a lot of aquatic plant shops on Ebay. Look for ones that have high volume and good ratings, and that guarantee live arrival. Ebay sellers often have harder to locate plants because it's easier for them to update listings based on what they were able to source, but you will pay more per plant in some cases, so shop around. There are also a handful of really serious hobbyists on there that sell trimmings from their scapes, which have the benefit of being already transitioned and are of high quality.

Do you know what sort of look you are going for in the tank already, or what plants you already really want? There's a huge variety of styles and species out there, and you can get really creative with a 50g.
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