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Sick fish? Help diagnosing please

Hello everyone!

I got a betta from a chain pet store 4-5 months ago. He lives in a 5 gallon tank, ofc heated and filtered. When I got him, he was in a rly bad shape, his fins weren't looking great and he had ammonia poisoning. I treated him and he recovered. However, i noticed that he's been pretty lethargic lately and he might have clamped fins. (Also he rests face down sometimes, but that might just be a quirk)

His fins have never been super fanned out, but I'm thinking it might be caused by an underlying condition... He never wants to flare either, even when he sees a mirror.
His fins have not grown back from when I got him.. he doesn't seems to have fin rot tho.
He eats fine, the water parameters are okay (0 ammonia, nitrites, 5 ppm nitrates, 78°F). I don't know what's wrong, is he just lazy?

thank you


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