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Help needed with Monster tank

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I purchased this tank a while back , its looks like its over 200 gallons and it been drilled. I will post tank dimensions later today .It was a saltwater setup but i would like to do fresh water becasue i have never done salt before plus i have heard its rather expensive. It neeeds to be redrilled because of the the pipes broke. I am a novice at this , i have a 75 gallon fresh water but i am trying to do this project and some assistance would be much appreciated because to be honest its so big i am scared. Due to its size it can be magnificient show tank. I live in the Bronx in New york city and any help would be apprecaited,Looking to do this build on the cheap. I need a stand and hood built, but first thing i need to ge it drilled to make sure its water tight
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"It neeeds to be redrilled because of the the pipes broke.." What does that mean? If the glass broke, you have a bigger problem than re-drilling. If the pipes broke, just replace them. Getting the dimensions of the tank would make it easier to offer advice.
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