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Hi all,
I want to start a new planted tank. I have experience with a low light, no CO2 20 gallon long planted tank. I used garden soil with a fine gravel cap, weekly ferts, and a Finnex Stingray fixture the size of the tank. I planted Amazon swords, anubias nana, hornwort, java fern, and rotala rotundifolia. Everything looks great. However, with this setup, I was never able to start a carpet. :frown2:

With this new tank I want to start, I want to keep it simple. I want to have a carpet of Dwarf Hairgrass, with lava rock decorations, and maybe some other plants to make it look nice. But I know I need high light for this.
So I bought a shallow tank, the UNS 60s I show above. I plan to use garden soil again, but this time I will cap it with ADA Aquasoil. I'll also continue to dose the water column with ferts. Question is, I can't decide what lights to use to successfully grow my DHG carpet.

I'm divided between 2 options:
1) 24" Finnex Fugeray Planted+
2) 2 23W 6500k CFL bulbs on 2 desklamps on either end of the tank.

Based on my research, I think I'll get 50-100 PAR needed to grow my carpet with both lighting options, but I want more opinions.

Thanks :nerd:
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