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My high school students and I are creating a 200 gal. freshwater planted aquascape tank with a 40 gal refrugium sump to investigate nutrient cycling, photosynthesis, and cell respiration. It is also my hope as their science teacher that the tank will serve to inspire many along the way to appreciate the beauty of aquatic environments and as adults do their best to preserve this natural beauty. :red_mouth

Through the generosity and helpful advice of so many we have designed and obtained all the equipment needed to begin setting up our tank. Now we're at the point that we need to obtain all of our plants and then start our tank using the dry start method. Our budget is rather limited :frown: and we would appreciate any plant donations :thumbsup: other planted tank hobbyist might be willing to send. We are looking for the following plants and would be willing to pay for shipping to our school.

Plants we need:
  • Indian red sword (Echinodorus Indian red)
  • Cryptocoryne blasii
  • Blyxa japonica
  • Micro sword (we need a lot of this for the foreground)
  • Phoenix moss (needed for a large moss tree)
Any help and support you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Dr. Brand & students
Delta High School
[email protected]
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