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Ok, apparently I suck and cant actually post an image correctly? How can I

So I was in a petco the other day and they had what appeared to be a pretty nice tank of various plants. Most looked to be in pretty good condition, but the kid working there had no clue what anything was if it didnt have a tag on it. So, I ended up grabbing various things that looked pretty healthy (to my untrained eye anyway); but now I cant ID most of these; and I honestly dont trust the tags that were on some of the plants. I'm also quite sure some are not true aquatic plants but wonder if they will do ok submerged? So any help to identify any of the following is greatly appreciated!

1. I think I trust that this actually ludwigia.

2. Could this be a red ludwigia?

3. Could this be some type of anubias?

4. I again think this one is ludwigia; but the leaves look different than the first one above?

5. I think I trust the tag on this one?

6. Some type of lilly?

7. Could this be some sort of blyxa?

8. I'm guess this one is not a true aquatic plant? Will it survive submerged though?


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