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Hi folks - newbie to the forum. A regular over @ fishlore, but I feel this situation is probably best suited for folks over here.
Battling some black stuff, which is kind of odd - I attached a pic of my Anubius as an example that you can see it all over the foreground leaves,
but it's not affecting the plant as new growth is bright and healthy. My microsword on the other hand is a mess! Java fern - only on select leaves.
Maybe this has something to do with how fast the different plants are growing?? Anywho, before I do anything I just want some opinions on exactly
what I'm dealing with. I've included some pics of the tank also - the first with 24/7 fixture only @9pm), 2nd when Ray2 comes on during the day.
There is also a pic of the tank from 2 weeks ago where you can see all of the growth, but the difference in color on my curly bulb plants - whatever those things are!!

Some tank details:
55 gal
NH3: 0 N02:0 NO3: 20 pH:6.6
Water source: well (hard - API KH: 10 drops; GH 20 drops... whatever that works out to, LOL!)
PWC: ~20%/week
Inhabitants: bunch of rummy nose, neons, 10 lambchop rasboras, 1/2 dozen cories, bn pleco, cherry/gold barbs, 1 pearl gourami
Filters: Eheim 2217: sponge, floss, ceramic bio; and AQ110: sponge, floss, ceramic bio
Lights: (1) Finnex Planted+ 24/7 (on the 24hr cycle)
(1) Finnex Ray2 on @10am; off @ 7pm (added this recently as [I thought] light wasn't reaching microswords, bottom of tank)
CO2: 5lb pressurized (also added recently) with Milwaukee setup - on 1hr before Ray2; off 1hr before Ray2 shuts off
Greenleaf in-line diffuser on Eheim 2217 output close as possible to cannister
Nutrients: Macro/Micro mix from (dosing daily per their jug and recommendations ~ I think 10ml/day?)

What I've done so far:
Stepped up PWC's to ~5 gal/day
Removed the DIY deflector I had on the AQ110 output
Decreased the Ray2 to come on at 12pm and off at 6pm - basically 9 to 6 hours
Increased the CO2 bps rate from 2-3 bps to 5-6 bps
*Attempted* to figure CO2 by using KH and pH, dunno... so I ordered a drop checker
As a test, tried a little H2O2 with a syringe into the microsword (bubbles alot, but need to wait and see)
On order, a Hydor Nano 240 to ensure no dead spots in the tank - both the Eheim and AQ 100 output are on the right

HELP!!! I feel I'm doing everything right and still these stuff happens!


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