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Help! My tank is getting ruined

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My tank has turned from this
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into this

Plant Plant community Natural landscape Vegetation Flower

Im trying to save and and clean it as much as I can but the carpet is a mess!
How can you possibly clean this?

Plant Plant community Natural landscape Flower Bedrock

if I run the sucker over the grass it will start to float and makes a worse mess.
I need some video on proper cleaning carpet method

I suspect that algae came from very intense lighting, not in hours but in lumen, plus a little bit of nutrient overdosing.
I am cutting down the lighting intensinty and the liquid fertilization,
I see some improvemtn and added a big crew of shrimps and ottos,
But still, maintaning my tank is a nightmare.
Please help
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maybe what I'm wondering is it adequate enough to "comb" the ground cover of debris, it seems much of the algae is around the carpets. Just throwing some ideas out there it does sound like you have adequate filtration. The stem plants look more mature in the second pic, I'm also assuming more stems in the aquaria could possibly reduce overall circulation within the system. Its a beautiful tank would hate for you to give up on it.
hmm... since I increased the filtration, I see better results, what you say could be one of the reasons I get algae. Time will tell

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thanks for the replies, I am investigating every single of the causes. And no, my lights are not dimmable and I suspect the main reason of my algae. Shrimps and algae suckers are added with little improvement. I will try to measure my ph now.
I need the identification of this algae and possible chemical cure method please
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