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Help! My tank is getting ruined

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My tank has turned from this
Plant community Water Plant Rectangle Natural landscape

into this

Plant Plant community Natural landscape Vegetation Flower

Im trying to save and and clean it as much as I can but the carpet is a mess!
How can you possibly clean this?

Plant Plant community Natural landscape Flower Bedrock

if I run the sucker over the grass it will start to float and makes a worse mess.
I need some video on proper cleaning carpet method

I suspect that algae came from very intense lighting, not in hours but in lumen, plus a little bit of nutrient overdosing.
I am cutting down the lighting intensinty and the liquid fertilization,
I see some improvemtn and added a big crew of shrimps and ottos,
But still, maintaning my tank is a nightmare.
Please help
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You will want to figure out what is causing the algae. Otherwise anything you do to get rid of what is there will come right back. What is your fertilizer dosing schedule? What are nitrates like in your tank? How long is your light on? Once you get the algae figured out you can choose a couple of different paths for removal. Chemical, manual, or just wait.
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