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HELP: my Botia think they are Danio ?!

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I got a box full of new nano fish from FranksAquarium today :proud:
after careful acclimation I threw them into their sweet new tank.
don't worry, the water's fine and it's been cycling for 2 months.
4 of the 6 Botia I got are shoaling nicely along the bottom, while
2 Botia have been Schooling with my top level Danio & Tetra all
day long ! at first I worried they were slime suckers, but now I
see they simply want other fish to keep them company. It was
cute for a few hours, but now I worry the Botia, who really are
not designed for this sort of thing, are wearing themselves out,
and all those top swimming fish they want to join are annoyed.

should I net these two imposter's and isolate them overnight,
in one of my floating breeder boxes placed inside the tank
or just sleep on it, and give nature time to sort itself out?
and yes, all these fish are about the same 3cm size now.

the cast of characters involved are;

Chela dadyburjori - playing the starring role as Danio "the top of high society"

Trigonostigma hengeli - in the classic role of Rasbora/Tetra "the mid level miscreants"

Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki - hired as "the lowly" Botia, but understudying for Danio instead!

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I'm sorry I can't help your question, I just wanted to comment on the fish you have. I have never seen those anywhere before. The loaches look awesome.
Actually I have Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki as well and they school with the Black Neon Tetras. This is a quirck of the species. they even eat from the surface rather than the substrate. Lets just say they are NOT your typical bottom dweller.
Knave, thanks for chiming in and reassuring me these Botia are acting normally.
I don't mind if they swim at the surface, they just better earn their keep and
eat my damn snail fry ;)

Pittie, I set up a second 30gal tank which I have yet to post a profile. I decided to populate it exclusively with nano fish, even though it's an average size tank. These fish are not expensive, you just have to be willing to buy them online, or bug the hell out of your LPS to order some. I think 2-5cm fish are under appreciated by the average planted tank keeper, and I wanted to enjoy their behavior with plenty of room to move, and eventually share this experience on PTF. Keeping such small fish also enables me to keep a lot more of them, as this 30gal will ultimately be home for 5 Dozen fish living very comfortably. Don't worry, I'm using an overrated filter and doing weekly water changed and filter media rinses in this well planted tank. I also designed the hardscape and plant arrangement to give all types of fish places to hide to get away from all the community action and 4wpg lighting whenever they want to. Despite all these fish, I still have to dose Nitrates for my plants! I never would have believed it...
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i'd leave them.. They look like they were built to swim everywhere.
I had a group of them that would "school" with the white clouds I had and they always got face to face with any other fish in the tank.

At first it was a constant thing but eventually they got use to everyone in the tank and started sticking to themselves more.
my oto schools with my glod tetras sometimes. He did it A LOT when I first put the fish in the tank, but now it's only from time to time. I'd just let them be
:hihi: identity crisis in fish :hihi:

IME, new environments tend to bring out some temporary odd behavior from fish, which typically goes away as soon as their comfortable with their new home. What I usually see is they look for hiding places, and stay there for a few hours or when the lights go off...then they start exploring, bumping to other fish, investigating plants/rocks/decors, playing with the water from filters, etc....and eventually settle down....of course, there will always be exceptions :wink:

This reminds me of my 3 SAE's schooling with the 3 oto's. I see them doing that more than actually eating algae :icon_conf
sidmunkis are great little fish....they definitely are a little oddball though....I would give them a few days to acclimate before worrying about them....
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