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Help me with my Moss Balls

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I have 5 moss balls in my tank, all infested with hair algae. I clean them about every other week using a cat deshedder, great for removing the hair algae...but only most of it, not all obviously as it slowly grows back. It rarely shows up on any other plants or anywhere else in the aquarium.

This isn't posted in the algae forum cause i know the solution to all algae problems posted there, "lighting, fertilization, co2, water changes".

I get that. I'm working on it. My question is more on how to fix my moss balls cause there's so much else wrong with them.

I have them in a 55gal with diy co2, about 10-15 ppm, and 3 t8s lighting it. My swords, crypts, and ferns doing great. But these moss balls...

They are about 2-3" in diameter, big. Been in my tank about 1-2 years depending on the ball.

They are all lumpy with bits sticking out that fall off when combed (babies i guess) least one has stopped being much of a ball, it could be unfurled into a flat mat. The others seem to be about ready to do that.

Basically, i have a bunch of nasty balls...i have way more than i need, really only want about 2 1-2" diameter balls...but I have this mess...

best way to fix? trim? clean? i dnno?
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LMAO at the title...try dosing the tank w/ excel...or dipping them in excel...
What other plants do u have there? To combat algae u have to plant dense with fast growing plants. Water change 2x week and dose excel 2x the recomended dose. Do u fertilize? U have to be consistent with ur fertz. I use pps pro and everyday fertz are going and i dont see any algae. The only time i see alge is when i have to rescape everything.
The algae isn't my main concern. I know how, in the long run, to fix that. but my question is how to rehab failing moss balls. they are in decline and i want to make them spring back. I want to know how to make them stop falling apart. I'd actually like to cut them up into a dozen 1" balls and sell off 10 of them, but obviously no one want's my hairy balls. And since i have to scrape them weekly or biweekly to get rid of the hair algae, i don't want to cut them down until i solve that problem....cause cutting them down would just increase the surface area i have to clean.

i guess i just want to know how to make my balls healthy and happy spheres that aren't lumpy and stuff. anyone have a link or can tell a story?
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