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Help me with my 33g build...Im stuck!

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This is my first post on The Planted Tank! I have been busy over the past few months trying to get things together to get my 33g up and growing.

First let me tell you what I have going on so far:

33g, L-3', W-12.5", H-18.25"
Aqua clear 300 filter
DIY glass top
I have a light fixture that has 4, 40W, 48" T12 plant and aquarium tubes in it about 8 inches above the tank
haven't picked out a heater yet
2 medium pieces of bog wood, and one large piece of drift wood
unsure what kind of environment this is going to be, so no stocking options at this point
Tank not started cycling yet, still trying to completed the set up
Im going to build a DIY Co2 soon
my tap water is between 7.2 and 7.4

I feel I have WAY to much light for this tank. I was thinking about upgrading to a 55g to lower the WPG to 2.9, but what do I know!! This is my first attempt at trying to plant a tank!!

So my question is, if you had this set up, what would you do? Change anything? What kind of plants will grow? Change the filter? Leave the WPG, lower the WPG?

To tell you the truth, I am lost with plants. At this point I can change everything and go in any direction so I am open to ALL options! I have been doing research on different plants, but always end up just looking at the pictures in awe, imagining my tank looking so

Any help with stocking plants, and changing the set up to ensure proper, healthy plant growth is GREATLY appreciated!!!! I want this tank to take off so I can convince my girlfriend we need more!! "Look how nice that is honey, we should get one for the kitchen."

Thank you all for your time and your help. Cheers!!
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