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Culturing Worms

I'm no expert on bloodworms, but I know a lot about keeping earthworms and the like, so maybe I can help you out.

First, the turtles will eat either worm, so don't stress out if they're tubifex instead of blood.

The important thing about worms is preserving their environment so begin by finding a location, some place shady and preferably humid is good. Get a container that seals pretty completely to preserve the moisture and open it only to stir it, check it, replenish or harvest. If you can dig a hole and keep their whole abode inside the hole that's optimal.
The leaves are a good start but even better is a compost if that's an option. Avoid meat and processed foods like bread or french fries, but most other stuff is great and will keep the soil moist and rich. Eggshells, banana peels, orange peel, coffee grounds or used tea leaves, apple cores, general food waste that you're going to toss anyway. Keep it at least 3/4 soil, and don't go crazy on the moisture, enough water to get everything moist but not muddy will last you weeks, just make sure it's sealed so the water's not evaporating.

Worms will thrive. At least, Earthworms will.
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