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I want to understand the EI dosing solution better. Need help to understanding 1 thing.

I have read many dosing solutions and target PPM recommendations of each Macro/Micro for a given tank volume.

I wanted to know if the goal is to dose the target PPM for the whole tank volume 3 times a week (which means you're overdosing by a factor of 3 assuming plants will use up a % of the Macro and Micro during the week then reset the Nutrients with a water change.


Should the Dose done 3 x weekly be 1/3 of the tank volume target PPM? This assumes at the end of the week the tank target PPM is reached but not exceeded and for a couple of days the tank has exactly what it needs for the volume of water and the Water change will reset to a very low level and dosing starts again to build up the PPM but not exceed the tank target.

After much reading on many forums, I could not answer the above question.

Can someone help me understand this better.
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