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My birthday is coming up and I want to make my birthday list everything that I need to re-set up my tank. I am not very happy with the way that it looks and i can not keep the fish that I have together because they can apparently reproduce together and my tank isnt big enough for that.

I already have a filter ( aqua clear for 20 gallon) and two overhead lightbulbs ( 15 watts cfl I think) Other than that i will probably have to toss everything else to start new.

I am interested in using more rocks than wood unless I find a piece I really like and I would like to try to do a carpet so i will probably try the dry start method.

If anyone has some good products that they would recommend and some good stores where i can but rocks and wood without costing me an arm and a leg I would very much appreciate it=)

also regarding trying to start carpet, do they sell aquatic plant seeds that I could sprinkle on the bottom to start it or do I have to plug little plants and wait for them to spread? Also does anyone know of a good tutorial or article on the dry start method and what I will need?
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