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So this weekend il be adjusting my 10s around

What I have at my disposal
Black fluorite sand
Pool filter sand

Small species of Val's
Java moss
6 small buce
2 medium crypts

A wedge piece of driftwood (kinda triangle shaped)
Some large cholla wood
Baseball sized and smaller lava rocks
2 killi mops

Two of the tanks will be set up for killis, the one I currently have is kinda a mess, but they love it because of the large amounts of hiding

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$20 for advise.
$50 for advice that will cost you more money.
$75 for advice that might not screw things up.
$100 for harmless unrelated advise.
$150 for advise you might like.
$250 to fix the previous advise.

$10 extra for livestock advise.
$25 extra for plant advise.
$50 extra for advice on substrate or ferts.
$100 extra for lighting advise (per occurrence).
$150 extra for co2 related advise.


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It's mostly floating over the driftwood, but kinda lays on top of it

Il be putting the other sponge back in there, that was the original reason for Val's on both sides lol (great minds think alike)

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Lol, il take it!

But goal is to have 2 nicely scaped tanks... Just not sure what yet
Put a drive-thru in the tank, a small Oldsmobile convertible, and let your fish order hamburgers through the drive-thru.

The other tank, put a drive-thru movie theatre, a small Cadillac convertible, and let your fish watch sappy black and white films between feedings.
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