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help me replant my tank

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first of all, great forum. ive been lurking around checking out other people's projects and stuff and i am really impressed. i just wish my tank would look something close to it. ive always wanted to learn what i should do, how should i arrange my plants, and how to make it NOT look like someone just jabbed random plants in the tanks.

heres my tank set up
55gal tank
110w CF light 6000k
aquaclear 110 filter + home made overflow box+wet/dry filter ~around 200-250gph.

this tank is for goldfish. i have 8 goldfish and 1 pleco in there. some plants i got from petsmart. im not planning on using CO2 injection so i want plants thats doesnt require CO2. i believe my tank have medium - high WPG.

i guess what i really want to know is, what kind of plants i should use, how i should arrange it, and some tips of maintaining the plants.

heres what my tank look like right now

thanks in advance. this is a great forum:smile:
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java moss, love that plant, shouldnt be eaten by your fish, requires no special lighting or fertilization.

Your tank is over stocked just to let you know, goldfish and plecos are huge waste producers.... And ive heard common plecos get to 30 inches but i havent seen one bigger than 24 inches, either way they get too big for your tank.
musho3210, i know my tank is over stocked, i just cant help it =P i like goldfish. and i would buy one whenever i see one i like:tongue:

i was thinking of adding these kind of moss to my drift wood

adding some tall plants on the sides, and having something short in the middle.
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Those are nice but they will cost you alot, Flame moss and Fissen

my Advise get a driftwood and put moss on it
i found those on ebay and they are around 10 bucks a pop or so. granted im not going to spend thousands on set up and plants, but i dont mind spending a few to make my tank look better.

i will look into java moss too
There is a 10$ shipped java moss in baggie that Looks very green and big amount.. in Swap n sale
ill look into that

anyone have any idea what kind of plants i could to put around the 2 back corner? some tall bacopa? or those red/green colored leaves plants?
i found out more about the plants i have in my tank. right now, this is what i have in the tank so far that i know what they are called

bacopa (moneywort)
Ludwigia, Broad Leaf (Ludwigia repens)
Wendtii, Red (Cryptocoryne wendtii)

theres 2 other plant i have in my tank that is unknown to me. anyone know any plants that grows easily, dont need CO2, tall, that fits into the corners of the tank perfectly?

heres some idea what i want to do, taken from gareth's 45 tanks

of course i know i cant get it to look like that. i need CO2 and stuff. but just to give you an idea, i want a bunch of plants on the side of the tank, and the middle part sigh short stubby plants. just hopeing it would tie everything together and look good with a whole bunch of goldfish =P

any ideas would be great.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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