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Help me rejigger Current Satellite

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I have the 40W Satellite for my 10g. It comes with the SmartPaq 460 Actinic/10,000k bulb. Is there a way for me to disable the 460 blue portion of the bulb? Can I just snip the red wire or something to that effect without blowing it up? I only need the ~20W from the 10,000k side and I don't like the blue hue.

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Nope. Sorry. :( You'll need to go purchase a dual daylight bulb to replace it with. It won't hurt anything to use that bulb in the meantime, just to hold you over until you get the replacement, but don't wait too long. You might as well consider yourself only having about 20w of usable light at the moment.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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