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Help Me Pick Out My Plants!

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Hey guys, I'm setting up a 10 gallon tank, and would like some help with picking out my plants. I've drawn up the general idea of how I would like my tank to look, but any and all suggestions are appreciated! I mainly need help with figuring out what plants will achieve the look that I have envisioned in the pic.

Bump: I've already chosen Dwarf Hairgrass "Belem" as the carpeting plant, and I was thinking about Downoi as the plants near the rock?


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I would do Staurogyne repens around the rock, then do something special for the red plant. Rotala Macrandra Mini Type IV would look terrific back there. Then Rotala Rotundifolia or something similar where you have a dark green plant located in the mock up. Limnophila aroamatica mini would also look great since it stays compact both in height and width. Since its a small tank and you will have a high tech setup, I would go with plants that are a little more rare to make it something more special. If you wanted to go really awesome with a small footprint, you could put Rotala Ramosior Florida in there(=

Rotala Ramosior Florida

Rotala Macrandra Mini Type IV

Limnophila aroamatica mini
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