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So I've got a a new 40 breeder tank going. It's centered around this crazy piece of driftwood.

It will be a med/high light tank with CO2. The tank sits in a open space between our kitchen and utility room so it's viewable from two sides. The photo angle is the primary view. My plan is to grow weeping moss on the tree and create a meadow-like feel to it all. I've dry started HC and DHG, and I'm just about ready to start collecting the rest of the plants and flood the sucker. Here's the obligatory bad photoshop of my planned layout.

So the light green is the DHG, the Dark is the HC (I've moved them around since I took the pic). Here's what I'm thinking and I'm open to suggestions. In the very back, the pink area, something really tall and leggy. I plan on hiding the intake for the canister back here, and maybe the heater. Right now I'm thinking Jungle Val, but I do have a ton of Amazon Swords of varying sizes I could use from my other tank, although I'm not sure I'm into them in this tank. The yellow would be some kind of mid ground grassy plant. I'm thinking Dwarf Sag or Blyxa Japonica, but I'm really not sure. The blue should be something taller than the yellow, but not as tall or thick as the pink, maybe some Needle Leaf Java on a small flat piece of driftwood. The red should be something higher than the HC and DHG, but I'm not sure if it should be taller than the yellow or not. Or it could just be a long extension of the Val down the side of the tank, although I was planning on putting a powerhead there to help with circulation.

I plan on holding off on the moss until the tank settles down and the algae is under control. There is MTS under the sand, so I was also planning on getting something to help soak up some nutrients until at first and remove it later. Something like Water Sprite, Anacharis, or Frog Bit.

I'd love to hear your advice, everyone here has been extremely supportive and inspiring. Thanks!
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