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So this year, my son has decided to go to SkyZone ( for his 6th bday party instead of the pool party he has always done. And it's going to be a tad bit more expensive then a pool party ($405 bucks more -_-) So I am selling off some plants to help offset this cost.

Willow Moss (Moss to the right of the Erios)
$5 for golfball

Flame Moss
$5 for golfball

Fissidens Fontanus
5 Golfball Portions Available
$5 for golfball

Weeping Moss
1 Golf ball Portion
$6 for golfball

X-Mas Moss
$5 for golfball

Gordon's Petite Nana
$10 each
These are at least 1-2 times bigger then these pictures, as this is what they looked like when Gordon shipped them to me over 4 months ago. They are large plants that can be split into more rhizomes
3 available

You will receive some free clippings of A. Reinikki

$5 flat rate no matter how much you buy
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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