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Hey Guys and gals,
I have a question but this is my first post so i'll tell ya a little about myself. I have been fishkeeping for 20 years and loved every minute of it. Kept mostly south American Cichlids, my water is very soft (0) and acidic (6.3). I keep my tanks clean with weekly 50% water changes, though I rarely vacume the substrate until lately. I have 6 30ga tanks in a small fish room and a 125 gallon show tank in my family room, this one is heavily planted. I have 2 -36' odyssea lights with 4 bulbs each. I switched out the ballasts to furham workhorse 7 (x2). As a result I have no led moon light or fans anymore. something i'm gonna have to remedy soon. see my utube videos to see the plants.

My question. I have a pest infestation, I believe it to be nematodes but of course I may be wrong. They mostly hang around the substrate and in water column not on the walls of the tank. Sometimes I see them on the surface of the fish but they move on. I see them wrap around the feces but have yet to witness them at the anus. They are present in my 3 30gallons with bigger fish. my kribensis tank and apistogramma tanks are clean as a whistle. I want them gone because it looks gross and really gotton out of hand.

Long winded post sorry for that. Appreciate any comments other than those from the haters, I enjoy my hobby and like to keep it respectful:smile:. Thanks.
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