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help me find decorative sand

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i've noticed that a lot of beautiful tanks and its scapes i've seen online use similar sand type/quality, as if they're really from nature itself.

i know many have suggest pool filter sand and while i've seen some in pool maintenance stores, none i've come across are the type that i want.

i have a link here of a scape, i find beautiful, with the sand type that i'm looking for. 2011 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #259

can any point me in the right direction please?

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Funny you should ask, I was just searching for the same thing today. I wanted something more natural than pool filter sand for a new tank - checked out the petsmartcos and they were useless. Ended up finding some just like in that picture at an independent LFS. I would go check out any fish stores you have nearby first. Failing that, search the web? My LFS was calling it 2/16 gravel, if that helps any.
I took a spade and two 15 litre buckets, drove to the river, and filled them in about 3 minutes flat. My sandfish and corys and plecos love it.
Check out the online store called Substrate Source. They have lots of colors and types of gravel.

The sand in that photo looks exactly like the pool filter sand in my tank.

Sand looks different dry. After it gets wet and takes on a light algae patina, it will look more "natural"

EDIT: Took a closer look at some of the photos. The tiny black dots seem to be specks of lava rock. I'm assuming the scaper had some cross contamination between their substrate bags.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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