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Help me figure out why my laptop is hot and messing up.

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Hey guys!

My laptop is running rather hot recently and some other things have been happening, lemme run it down for ya.

Fan running slowly (I think? Hard to tell)
Netflix jerky and audio lags behind
Crashes when too hot without blue screen
HDMI output very glitchy
Youtube freezing, and going black, but audio keeps going

I have ice packs I keep in the freezer that I have been keeping under the laptop to keep it cool, and when its cool, netflix seems to run fine.

Laptop is a HP pavilion dv7.

Bad ram? Bad fan? Bad GPU?

Help me out, computer is only a year an a half old.

I took it apart and dusted everything with a can 'o air and nothing seemed to improve.
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Just thought of another thing; long(er) time to start, and really long time to shutdown/sleep

I am thinking either bad fan, or bad RAM
I have the same laptop and was having some of those issues as well. We found an update for the video card and it seemed to help. It took some digging because the auto updater won't work. In the comments of the HP forums someone left the instructions on how to update it. I didn't keep the link sadly when my boyfriend sent it to me and told me to use it.

Honestly my laptop is the same age as yours with the same problems, which is odd. I already had to have my hard drive replaced when it crashed a few months after I got it.

WoW/youtube etc plays much better now since I updated the video card and since I run a fan near my computer it very rarely shuts itself down due to heat unless I forget and push it out of the air current.
There are cooling coils inside thermalpaced to microprocessor. They are probably clogged with dust and compressed air may help but u have to open it up to really get it clear.
Sounds like your gpu card or onboard graphics is hurting. Id try the advice from peachii. Mine will heat up after a bit of heavy use and will shut down the laptop if I don't stop.
This computer has been great and I love the size, I wanted a portable desktop which is basically what this is with the huge screen and extended battery.

At 6mo old the screen broke and had tons of green lines and HP fixed it for free, but unfortunately, HP wouldn't fix my computer because I noticed the problems 1 day before the warranty expired and though couldn't help.

I only managed to get the computer cracked open about 2 inches, I am going to try and get it all the way open and see if I can replace the fan since it will be the cheapest option. I will also use more compressed air.
I have an HP Dv6 ...same issues, had it about the same amount of time. Found a couple of updates like peachii suggested. I think there was a BIOS and a power settings update. Changed some power settings, this helped a lot. I had the power settings set high, dropped them back to default. Then I blasted the fan with compressed air almost daily until it was running smooth again.
Found it!

Here's the link we used - Comment on bottom of the page, last post by jamsheedmalik

That is if you have the same drivers we did ati mobility radeon 6370, was a real pain finding the way to update it. He and I both searched for hours.
I looked for updates before and thought it was up to date, I will see if thats needed.
What Peachii is saying is even though your machine thinks it's updated, it's actually not. So you have to "force" it to update to the version that you actually need. This is not uncommon in the wonderful world that Bill made.
I would also check,your settings and dial back your power settings. And update to make sure your not running the computer faster than its capable. Hardly doubt it is the fan, they will either work or they won't. Overheating is usually related to what your running and the capabilities of the system. I know became I build custom gaming computers and heat issues is usually related to the cpu. Your video card sounds like, it may be the culprit. When it fails it will over heat and cause the lines.

Could be a lot of things though, hard to troubleshooting without seeing it. Start with the updates and go from there

Well, I don't think we have the same graphics card. I have an AMD A10-4600m with radeon integrated graphics.

I found a new driver on HP's website and I am downloading it now. Lets see if that helps.
There are cooling coils inside thermalpaced to microprocessor. They are probably clogged with dust and compressed air may help but u have to open it up to really get it clear.

Your terms are not exactly correct but you likely closer to the issue than a software update...although it could be that. OP, get a can of compressed air and really hit every vent you can see on your laptop. Hit the sides and the bottom where the fan mostly likely pulls in air. Do it until no more dust comes out. Verify the fan is even still spinning, if it is to gunked up or just failed you will need to open it up. On most HPs you can access the fan and other internals just by removing the keyboard. Look for screws on the bottom (sometimes even under the battery) with a small symbol near them (or look online to be sure). Sometimes lint, hair, etc can stop a fan and burn it out or just clog the exhaust ports.

It's possible an update will help in most cases it's more of a physical issue. I service hundreds of laptops for a school district and some of them get pretty nasty as people eat over them, let their cats sleep in their laptop bag (no joke) etc.
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