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Hi, I have 3 shrimp tanks that I've been wanting to add snails to help with the algae and I think they look pretty cool. Been doing some researches tonight but still cannot decide which one to go with and before buying anything I wanted to get some ideas. The Assassins Snails looks awesome but seems to eat shrimp sometimes. I do like the golden ram horns but I've read that they do fight for food a lot and do eat your plants sometimes.
I do like those Thorn Nerite but they do not breed in freshwater.
I want something that looks cool unlike those pest snails.
I want to order some by tomorrow if I do come up with a decision with some help from you guys so if you have any personal experience with any snails or any ideas just leave me a reply on here.
And forgive my English as french is my first language and thanks in advance for the help:)
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