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Help Me Choose My Shrimp Tank Rack Lighting! Please!!!

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Help me choose some lighting for my shrimp tank rack. There will be 9 tanks in total (standard 10 gallon in size), with 3 tanks on each level of the rack. I want to use 1 light above each set of tanks (so 3 lights total, or 6 if you suggest two smaller lights per level). I would like to put the tanks end to end so that equals about 66" across with some space between.

The tanks will only have low light moss type of plants, nothing special. The main objective is breeding.

Specific suggestions would be great :proud:
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Personally, I'd turn them 90 degrees and just hang dual bulb t8 shop lights on top.
I considered the 90 degree turn to save space, and might utilize that in the future if I decide to add more tanks to the system. Right now for Vanity purposes I would like the long side of the tanks facing forward so I can quickly survey how conditions are with the livestock in the tank.

Any specific recommendations on wattage or bulb color?
I use low wattage on all my shrimp tanks, 6700K and up in color temp
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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