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Help me choose external filter

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Hi there, had couple days tinkering what external filter to get for my upcoming 50-60 l aquarium. And i have two options to get almost for free brand new :) One of them is Aquael minikani 80 or 120 and second one is Tetratec EX600 model. First one has that i really do not like is a pump that is outside the canister, with tetratec ex models ( i had a ex700) i had no problems :) So i need a very fast reply which one would you get and why because i could pull a triger on one of them tomorow.

Big thanks
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The pump on the outside of the canister gives you more room for your media or check out the sunsun canister filter
I have an Aquael Unimax 700 and it is an absolute beast (in good ways). No experience with Tetratec. The separate pump in the MiniCani is... interesting. Perhaps some European forums could provide more/better information.
found a lots of mixed opinios about thoose minkani filters, some of them was very hapy users also almost all of them was using their pumps submersed into aquariums. As for tetratec series of EX they are so quiet that sometimes at work i was like: does this thing is on or what?, and very easy to miantain :) pulled a trigger on tetratec ex 600. So i have a question, if i find that flow is a bit high can i adjust it with a inflow ball valve?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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