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Help me choose between these foreground plants

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Hi all - Im getting ready to replant my foreground and am looking for some advice. For reference Ive got a 100g tank, 2.5 w/g, EI ferts, ADA auqasoil, and pressurized CO2. My water is on the hard side with a Kh approx 12, pH 7.1. The tank is 24" high, I get great growth in the top half, but Ive struggled with carpet plants. Dwarf hairgrass and micro swords grow,but painfully slowly. Glosso also grows, but it went straight up instead of carpeting (becuase of the height of the tank, Im guessing). HC looked promising, but my flag fish treated it like a swim up salad bar. It was gone in three days.

Ive used the search function and have come up with these choices:

1) Marsilea minuta
2) Utricularia graminifolia (looks interesting, but hard to get)
3) Elatine triandra

Ideally, I would like something that carpets even with the lower light at the bottom of my tank.

Anyone have any words of wisdom or experience with these plants? Any other plant suggestions? Thanks for the help.
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Either the marsilea minuta or somthing else I would into is E. Tenellus. I love mine I have had it for about 3 week and its already sent out runners everywhere.
I just got some elatine triandra and I am loving it.

It is very unique, it has long, oval/pointed leaves instead of the more common roundish found on glosso, mm, etc.

I wish it was a darker green, but I am starting to really like the color.

It also grows like a weed with DIY CO2, 2.75 wpg and some ferts.
Thanks for the suggestions, I think Ill give the Marsilea and the Elatine a try.

Next stop - Swap n Shop....
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