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Help!! male betta eats eggs!

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I had seen about 50+ eggs in the bublenest and when i woke up there was only about 10!!!! Can i take the male out of the tank!?? Would the eggs be ok, without him?

Heres a picture of him and the nest. (sorry you cant see the eggs very well.)

I got video of them spawning too :) but i cant put that on here..
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I'd leave him in here... You don't need 50+ bettas on your hands anyway :)

Post the video on youtube.
I got this message to late. I took him out for like 5 mins, but i ended up putting him back in. The nest is ok, and he continued to care for the eggs.

9-22 hours later (now)
I see more eggs now, i guess they were laying on top were i couldnt see them. I think the eggs should hatch tomoro. :)!
Yeah, the nest goes vertical.. I was surprised you could count the eggs in the first place.
They were clumped together in groups. (most of them, anyway) Some hung above the bubble nest and some hung under, which he knocked off occasionally. (ALOT FELL) He picked them all up though, Im surprised! He actually turned out to be a good father. :)

There is see through clear stuff surrounding the eggs!!! Is that fungus?
The eggs hatched this morning !! :D! Theres like 30 little buggers :)

The male is being a good dady and helping them return to the nest. Can i remove him now? They arnt free swimmers yet, the only go verticly. (and attach to side of glass)
The dad will take care of them. Leave him in there.

And take pictures.
Ok so i remove him when they can actually swim. That would be in a week or so?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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