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HELP It wont go away

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Hey everyone I have a really bad case of ICK in my tank right now. I have read all the differnet threads about ick and have done them. But I still have it. I have turned up the heat to 85, I have tryed the salt trick to not getting better only worst off than what it was. I have used Malachite Green and thats not even working. Plus I have have used copper and killed off over half of my shrimp trying to get this stuff to go away. If anyone has any other ideas and would like to help me out please do. Thanks for everyones help. I just hope I dont loose the all of my fish. I have lost about half of them to it.:icon_cry:
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the first thing you should do is set up a hospital tank......pronto! you shouldn't be dumping all that stuff in with your plants, inverts and beneficial bacteria.

you should get the fish out of the planted tank as soon as you can. if it really is the ich parasite, with nothing to eat they will die out over time as you treat the fish in another enclosure.

for that matter, it sounds as though you might also have a diagnosis issue. are you sure that it's ick? can you post pictures?
I can't set up another tank it got broken a couple weeks ago. Also all the fish have it. It dont look like anything other than ick. I know its not velvet because I have had that before and I keep on treating it as ick. I learned from that bad mistake.
I have taken some pics of my fish but I just cant get a good clear pic all the ones I took were fuzzy.
Try using a tub as a hospital tank. Although, if it's Ich, then the disease will still be in the tank when you remove the fish, it tends to fester on the gravel and other decor in there. I wouldn't place any more fish into that tank for a while. Hmm . . . how long has it been since you got ich in there?
If you have shrimp, 85 might be too high. When you use salt, make sure you dissolve it in water first, then slowly pour the diluted solution in the different areas of the tank over a long period of time.

What fish have ich? Do you have a photo of them?

Do not forget to perform gravel changes during this time. Also, the one time I had ich, I kept the the lights off in the tank most of the tank, leaving it on for only about 2-3 hours per day. My reason is, ich is caused by stress (pour water conditions, over crowding, etc.). So if it's dark, the fish are resting/sleeping, therefore, not stressed.
Although I dont have any experience with it ive heard that a uv sterilizer will kill ich.
Thanks everyone for your input on ick. Well I think I just might be winning the battle over it. My fish are starting to look alot better. There is still a couple of them that have it on them. But on a good note no more has killed over. The last time I had ick was over a year ago. Im sure that I got it from some tetras that I got. And all of them are dead.
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