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Help identifying this fish?

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Hey all,

We found these fish at our LFS - they were in a tank with several other kinds of fish... most of them were tetras, and we thought these might be, too. Since they're pretty and they were on sale for 75 cents a piece, we couldn't pass them up. However, we're having a hard time identifying them, and I'm hoping you folks might be able to help.

They're only about an inch in length at the moment. We've had them about a week - when we first got them, their eye color was blue and gold. Now we're seeing some red in them. Their tail fins are starting to get color (black) in them, as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We want to make sure to move them to the appropriate tank after they come out of quarantine. :)


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Could be Blackline Tetra aka Hyphessobrycon scholzei.

I got bored with my black neons, gave them away. If I get black type tetras again, it'll probably be Emperor Tetras if I can find some smaller ones.
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