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Can someone please identify the type of wood or if the wood I found is aquarium safe?

I went out to find driftwood for the first time at a nearby water body. I picked some wood but I am not sure if they are completely dry or if they can be used in fish tank or not. I am attaching nine pictures for the eight wood pieces I found. I understand that it is hard to say based on the pictures alone but any small suggestion/observation is helpful because I am a total newbie at identifying aquarium-safe driftwood.

I plan to cut some pieces of this wood, keep them submersed in water for 2-3 weeks, and use it in my (yet-to-be-setup) 29-gallon planted tank. Please let me know if additional pictures are required.

Also, if you have any helpful tips for identifying aquarium-safe driftwood, please let me know. I plan to go to another water body sometime soon and find more options there.

Thank you!


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