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Could be an Acei as Nordic said, but I have never seen one with the yellow speckles on the face like that. It could be a Hybrid of an Acei and ? as well, but I would almost bet on it being a Mbuna!!! If the plant nipper isn't doing any nipping while you are watching up close I would suggest trying sitting further across the room, or if you have a video recorder/Camcorder setting it up on a tripod as far back from the tank as you can, and zoom in on the plants that are being nipped the most and set it to record in the slowest setting it has. That way you will be able to get the longest recording time, then you can quickly scan threw the video to see who is messing with the plants!

If you have no recorder, try pulling the fish in the pic and put him in another tank to see if the plant nipping stops!

Hope this helps, and Good Luck figuring out who is doing the nipping!!!

P.S. I really like the Tank!!! Peacocks are on the top of my Favorite Fish List!!!! I had a Peacock, Victorian,and Tang. 100g tank setup as a room divider in our Duplex when we first moved to the Waco area almost 20 years ago!!! It was a sight to see!!! I will have to see if I can find any pics of it, and scan them in to the computer!
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