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I have a Mourning Gecko vivarium that has been up and running for about two years give or take. I have dwarf white isopods and some powder orange isopods living in there. For the last few months I've been noticing loads of these tiny insects that I can't identify. I have some temperate white springtails in other enclosures and these do not look like them however these things jump similar to the springtails if I mist them or try to collect some. All I really know is they are not isopods and they are not the temperate white springtails I culture. I am not the best with photos so I hope you are able to see well enough. From what I've read online they are not "round" enough to be mites but thats my best guess of what they are. Could they be some other species of springtail I didn't realize I had? It is hard to tell but the springtails I am used to are nice and bright white. These things are almost silvery and shiny under the light. Initially I thought they had wings but I think thats just how their back is reflecting the light. Here is a video in my google drive of them as well. There are so many!!! video! I have also found them in my powder orange isopod master culture now.

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