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So I put some java moss in about a week ago and I am starting to see a grayish type of algae? it's something but I do not know what.

Some diatoms are on other plant leafs and there are some small black dust like spots on the older nana leaves but that was to be expected.
Edit: in the first pic, you can see the lace java fern and its terrible looking brownness. I do not like it! and may get rid of it. There is also an old wendtii leaf, which needs to be pruned.

This stuff though is on the roots of my java fern and all over my java moss.
Lighting is 2 LED sticks, 1 is low power and the other is about 26 lumen at gravel level. I have a glass top over the tank and the light is a DIY rain gutter build with the LED in it sitting on the glass. On for about 4 hours, 2 hour break then another 5 so ~9 hours of light.

I does 1ml of flourish (not excel) 2 times a week.

As for my plant stock:

java moss
lace java fern
amazon sword
crypt wendtii red
crypt spiralis
crypt parva
anubias nana
marsilea crenata
and a marimo ball

I know, a lot of different kinds, but I figured I would plant a lot and see what I liked.

Any ideas what this could be?

Thank you for reading and your time.


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I figured it may be that, I was hoping it wasn't. Maybe I will turn off the secondary LED for a week or 2 and see how that does. Still leaving the gap in the middle of the day though.

I just tested my water, no ammonia or nitrites, a little heavy on nitrates, looks to be 40-80.

I am sure that cannot help the problem. maybe I will have to add frogbit to my stock to suck up some nitrates.
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