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help id nicraguense issue

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Checked on my bros fish tank today saw his old nicraguense not doing well trying to id the issue is it swim bladder problems old age10years+? It did not have the injury on the side yesterday but I'll still be treating it accordingly any tips or ideas what would cause this and thoughts to cure if it's not what I think


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Yeah, looks like he's falling apart with cloudy eyes, a little bloat, bladder issues, and lesions.

I just looked it up. They live to 10-15 years so it's probably time to put it to sleep. Good luck with it.
already gone got back from the store with some extra meds to try an help prolong a little longer even if it was a year or two but i gotta say i think its been 12 years so gotta think me an my bro helped give a a decent life and he has had some good roadtrips 1300miles a few times all things must come to a end. .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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