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Help id algae ( pics enclosed)

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The hairy thingy appears on some of the leaves of the java fern. I also noticed new leaves are grown near these area too. I don't know if it is just a root a the java fern or some kind of algae.

Please help me id.

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ok great
now that i am finally able to grown some java fern.

Later, what should i do with these little plant ? Just let them grow as big as they could, or remove them and attach them to driftwood ?
OK now , i got one more pic of unknown algae ? This time i am sure it is not a root of new plantlet. Then, what is it ?

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bump .. this stuffs are all over my tank.
bump .. this stuffs are all over my tank.
Difficult to say exactly. Looks like thread, hair, or staghorn. You could hit it with 1 ml/gallon of hydrogen peroxide applied to effected areas with a syringe. Turn off all filters for 30 minutes and make sure lights are off. Then you can get yourself some good thread eating fish like rosy barbs, black mollies, or florida flagfish to contain the problem until you can address the root cause, usually a combination of insufficient c02, too much light, and poor fertilization.
I would say hair algae, and I think that Homer probably nailed it when he said too much light.

I wouldn't nessecarily say that the amount of light caused it, but rather the duration or photoperiod. I would also venture a guess and say that the CO2 is probably not at an optimal level.
For the first pic, is it really the root of java fern cuz i look around and see java fern root do not have hair-like like mine. So i wonder if this is a true root or some kind of algae
All of my java ferns have hairy roots, for what it's worth. In terms of the actual algae, I'd put my two cents on early stage BBA.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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