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PLEASE HELP! Have been researching for about a week and a half now but with the condition worsening and no conclusions I was wondering if anyone would be able to help, any leads at all would be greatly appreciated.

20 G H
Aquaclear 30 & Aquaclear 50
Medium tech (diy CO2), Medium lighting
Nitrate: 20 ppm
Nitrite: normal zero but random spike today of 1.0
GH: 160-180
KH: 60
pH: 6.8
Ammonia: 0
Specific weekly fert dosing regiment
Water changes 2-3 times each week, 25-50%

8 Otos
6 Emerald Corydoras
Juv. Albino Bristlenose
Handful of shrimp (DCS & Ghost)
3 Nerites
(slightly overstocked, I know, that's the reason for dual filtration)

Senario: I have two pieces of driftwood which have been in the tank nearly since it began cycling, 3 months ago. Fast forward to now and the tank is completely planted, and I have been dealing with a white fuzz like substance growing all over the tank, specifically on plants. I originally though this would be algae or driftwood decay, but the rate at which it is spreading (clean tank before bed & it is back in the morning) makes me think otherwise. I will attach some pictures, I have let one small section (skull) grow out so everyone can hopefully see it better.
No noticeable fungus on any fish I should add. Have been treating with Pimafix and Melafix just in case.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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